Today, more than 100 million people are investing in blockchain and the number of wallets is exploding. Cryptocurrency in the metaverse are the opportunities of tomorrow.

SCALABS is aiming to bring no-crypto users to the blockchain world. To achieve this, we believe that the system should be as transparent as possible to the user.

To make this project happen, we are starting a campaign to raise funds for the launch.

Fundraising Process


An ICO, Initial Coin Offerings, is a fundraising system to launch a project. You therefore have the possibility of investing in a new market of the future at a preferential price, from the public launch of the project thanks to our ICO.

This financing system radically changes fundraising because it’s possible to multiply your profitability.

Come take part in the industry of tomorrow while earning unique rewards and benefits.


Our project consists in marketing 3D virtual and real objects. You will have the opportunity to own an NFT / SFT virtually but also to print it in 3D.

  • You will then be positioned on different channels: virtual and real.
  • Unsold tokens will be added to the marketing budget at launch.
  • During the ICO, 20% of the tokens will be sold.


Each sale is aimed at a different target.

Initially, we are addressing investors, people who believe in this project and wish to invest. The profitability possibilities are very high and a profit can be made very quickly.

Secondly, we address companies and individuals who wish to take advantage of 3D printing for their activities. It can save time, energy and money.

A market will be created around NFTs with chips printed on products in 3D to prove their reality and authenticity.

Here are the different sales :

  • Private Sale : SCALABS plans to issue and sell up to 25 million tokens (20%). This is mainly for financial and strategic investors, particularly from industrial, media, tech, and blockchain/crypto industries.
  • Presale : which is yet to be approved and scheduled.

SCALABS plans to sell 35 million tokens (28%) at an intermediate price to finance marketing actions and increase enthusiasm surrounding the public sale.

  • Public Sale : which is yet to be approved and scheduled, SCALABS plans to issue and sell an additional 65 million tokens (52%) to its fans, supporters, and believers.

How will the funds be used ?

The monthly revenue generated from the sales of NFTc and SFTc will be equally distributed among the value-creating parties.

Content creators will receive the largest share as their work brings the ecosystem to life. Does this demonstrate their involvement in the project and their belief in the project feasibility. Partner companies will be compensated for providing third-party services to the product manufacturer, or influencers enabling upselling through their networks.

SCALABS then reinvests the remaining income in new developments. Profits will be donated to the creator for his investment and his motivation within the community but also to allow him to participate in design competitions.

SCALABS aims to raise approximately $20,750,000 from all sales by allocating 25% of the total $CRAFT supply.

There will be no soft cap and no refund of contributed funds to the project. After deducting all applicable tax payments, setup costs, and fees, SCALABS expects private and public sale funds to be used within 6-36 months of the token generation event:

  • Development and operation: 60%

Investment in the creation of content for the platform, recruitment of the team and development of a new production infrastructure.

  • Marketing: 25%

Promotion implementation and continuous education of the SCALABS service: announcements, events, partnerships… To attract new active users to the platform and become more popular.

  • Reserve: 15%

Kept for security, legal audits and to deal with possible contingencies.

Our acquisition timeline below reflects our long-term commitments to ensuring an aligned grid economy.

A healthy and circular production and consumption mode will be implemented for the long term. We guarantee sustainable value creation for all partners involved in the SCALABS ecosystem.

How to participate in the ICO ?

Steps to participate in an ICO :

  1. Get Bitcoin or Ether

You cannot participate in an ICO with FIAT currencies (Euro or Dollars). You must therefore obtain cryptocurrency associated with the blockchain on which it is based.

  1. Transfer your cryptocurrency to your wallet

To receive the ICO tokens, you must make a purchase from your wallet, which you are the only one to have access to, with an associated private key.

  1. Buy the ICO tokens

All the information concerning the participation methods is on our website as well as the procedure to follow. To join the ICO, you will need to enter your email address to create a user account.

It is preferable to schedule the transaction at the sale opening time because the closing can occur quickly.

To participate in an ICO, you must comply with the following conditions :

  • To be of age
  • Have completed your KYC
  • Get cryptocurrency
  • Buy ICO tokens

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