Scalabs aim to implement a more sustainable and responsible mode of consumption based on recycling and efficient energy management. 3D printing technologies will be used for all company functions, from buildings to machines and tools, and may be even our collaborators. To do this, we need to raise approximately $20,750,000 from all sales by allocating 25% of the total CRAFT offering. There will be no soft cap and therefore no refund of funds paid for the project.



Total Supply

500,000,000 $CRAFT

SCALABS will sell up to :
100,000,000 $CRAFT Tokens ≃$20.75M / 25% of Total Supply

This token will be split into three phases:

  • private sale ($0.10 / 20%)
  • presale ($0.15 / 30%)
  • public sale ($0.20 / 50%)

Participation Conditions

Our ICO will be carried out in stages to ensure a stable and controlled evolution while guaranteeing a high level of reliability. In order to do so, a protocol has been put in place that offers accessible participation conditions while ensuring the protection and security of all parties involved.

Verification of identity

Checking the identity or verifying the documents of a new user is a legal obligation for many industries. This is called KYC (“Know Your Customer”).


Customer, candidate, employee, service provider, supplier or even business partner… These verifications can concern individuals as well as legal entities, to protect you from any inconvenience.

Be whitelisted

Details about the whitelist will be announced soon.

Be prepared to spend $EGLD

Historically, databases have incorporated a centralized client-server architecture, in which a sole authority controls the central server. This design means that data security, alteration, and deletion rests with a single point of failure. The decentralized architecture of blockchain databases emerged as a solution for many of the weaknesses of centralized database architecture. A blockchain network consists of a large number of distributed nodes––voluntary participants who must reach consensus and maintain a single transactional record together.

fundraising supported by our Utility Token


This token will power SCALABS’ in-experience economy by creating sustainable engagement value for consumers and enabling its participants to capture the value created.

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