Cryptocurrency has become a huge way to raise funds for Ukraine at this critical time. To participate in this cause, SCALABS is setting up an exclusive NFT collection whose goal is to donate 50% of the funds to Ukraine. This is the first presale for the company, which begins at the end of the ICO.

You too can participate in this noble cause by investing in our project. Our goal is not to make a profit but to provide rapid support to people in need through this sale of NFT.

This presale comes in the form of a mystery box like the model below. You will discover your NFT only upon delivery of the product. A whitelist phase can be set up followed by a lottery between the different holders of the ICO token to determine the winners.Then, the products ordered will be delivered once the printing plant has been set up and all the different processes have been checked.

NFT advantages

The number of NFTs in the collection will be announced following the ICO, as will the initial mint price. When you own your NFT you will have access to exclusive and priority rights on our future productions such as:

  • Right to whitelist on future NFT or token sales

  • Airdrop

  • Participation in product choice votes

Winning chances in the next lotteries will be higher for the holders of its NFTs.


Here is how the funds will be generated:



To participate you must:

– Be of age

– Having participated in the ico

– Have completed your KYC

If the NFTs are sold on third-party marketplaces, the winners will not be able to retain their rights conferred by said NFT, namely:

– Right to whitelist on future sales of NFT or token

– Airdrop

– Right to participate in votes on the choice of the order of future releases of NFT collections

– Right of possession


At the end of the ICO 3 stages, the NFT pre-sale will begin and last for 1 to 3 months. You will then have the possibility to subscribe to the whitelist to participate.

When the page availability is announced, you will be able to buy your lottery tickets in $EGLD. Remember to follow us on Twitter to stay informed on the project progress and not miss anything.

The draw will take place a few days later, you will then be able to collect your own NFTs or the tokens from the losing tickets.

The funds raised will be distributed thereafter and the NFTs will be delivered by 2023/2024.

Payment will be made in the blockchain currency used for the ICO.