They represent the majority of tokens issued within the framework of ICOs. They are mainly used by companies in order to generate interest in their products and allow users to access their services provided in blockchain ecosystems.

By using them, you get specific services, voting rights and particularity to the project and product. You will therefore be totally invested in the progress of the project and a real impact for it.

By investing in SCALABS you will invest in the launch of a company that aims to be one of the top revolutionary projects within a few years.

The ICO is the best way for entrepreneurs looking to raise funds to bypass the traditional investment system, without resorting to intermediaries such as banks. This type of operation therefore makes it possible to finance projects of all types, and to democratize the capital raising by making it more accessible.

Tokens Utility

These are unique tokens belonging to their own ecosystem with their own values.

Often created at the start of a project, they are distributed by the team.

They allow users to perform actions on the networks and give access to a specific service or product within a blockchain.

Owning this token allows you to have a future right of use with the fundraising proceeds. It develops at the same time as the project.

They can serve any purpose a developer wants.


Scalabs platform provides a large-scale 3D printing manufacture connecting content creators with customers.

These NFT / SFt will power SCALABS’ in-experience economy by creating sustainable engagement value for consumers and enabling its participants to capture the value created.


$CRAFT utility tokens will grant you access to a host of project-exclusive features. They will be constantly extended over the next few years, it is also a long-term investment that can be very profitable.

Initially, holders of these tokens will be able to:

Participate in platform gouvernance by making important decisions regarding the development of the project, its functionalities and its content portfolio. Votes will be in place to make these decisions together. They will therefore be proactive and omnipresent in the development of the project.

Purchase items and fund the creation of NFTc/SFTc. They will also be used to set up upgrades, brand placements at a discount to their fiat price, which is a real advantage for an investment and obtaining profits.

– Get early access to new content and rare collectibles

– Participate in special events

Be rewarded for performing specific actions on scalabs.com

– Wager their chips for specific time periods and be rewarded directly from the pool

The SCALABS marketplace also allows users and content creators to create unique NFTcs/SFTcs based on their design and creation.

The resulting products can then be bought and sold using $CRAFT tokens.

It is also possible for content creators and product brands to receive $CRAFT tokens as part of their engagement with the ecosystem. Throughout the bulletin board transaction fee mechanisms.

SCALABS will ensure that balances can also be settled by burning $CRAFT and paying partners with FIAT currency.

A certain percentage of SCALABS revenue will be used each month to purchase $CRAFT tokens on the open market and deposit them into their treasury to fund the sustainable development of the ecosystem through grants and other incentives. Another percentage will be used to burn them to be transformed into deflationary tokens as soon as the resources of the structure allow it.


This project will likely take place within the Elrond blockchain.

Elrond (EGLD) is a blockchain aimed at creating an efficient transaction network on a global scale. A simplified user interface thus promoting the massive use of this platform by the population.

It has the particularity of running on all types of computers without requiring custom hardware or consuming too much energy.

A new architecture allows a dynamic configuration of the network specific to it. The system is adaptive, fast and secure which allows the use of all.

It is a technological ecosystem for the new Internet integrating the smart contract for the creation of each token, fungible or not.

This means that they are attached to your account instead of residing in someone else’s. You therefore remain in possession of your property, which is legally very powerful.

For businesses, it is also possible to create an NFT and continue to collect royalties from each sale.

What characterizes and distinguishes this blockchain is its protocol that uses innovative processes such as :

  • Adaptive State Sharding

It is a way for partitioning data into a multitude of independent shards or shards in order to distribute in-memory storage horizontally.

  • Secure Proof of Stake (SPoS) consensus

A cycle system which consists of creating a block at the beginning of each one. The SPoS will randomly select validators in an exceptionally short time. This is a real advantage regarding network security because a malicious actor cannot adapt faster than the time allowed by the cycle.

  • Battle of Nodes

The community can undergo a series of trials to test the blockchain protocol. The interest here is to help ensure the security of the ecosystem by financially rewarding those who could find a flaw or a potential vulnerability before the new protocol update.

The main innovation of the Elrond is in the use of adaptive state sharding. This is an innovative solution that increases its efficiency tenfold.

Elrond blockchain users also have access to its network with $EGLD, its utility token which is eligible for staking. This allows its holders to earn rewards proportional to the evolution of $EGLD.